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About Us


Beauregard Federal originally opened its doors for business as Beauregard Homestead Association in April of 1948. Our original building was located at 120 Jefferson Street in DeRidder, Louisiana. The original founders included Dr. J.D. Frazar, H.H. Pye, Cecil R. Middleton, Stuart S. Kay, and L.C. Lee. The banks mission was to provide funding for the purchase and construction of homes in Beauregard Parish.

In 1953, our name was changed to Beauregard Savings & Loan Association. The original mission was still the same but with the addition of promoting and encouraging people to save. The savings and loan continued to grow and prosper. In 1968, a new building was constructed on the corner of Mahlon and Jefferson Street in DeRidder where it remains as the main bank office location.

Beauregard Federal Savings Bank received its current name in January of 1984. The bank expanded in 1998 when it purchased a second location in DeRidder located at 522 North Pine Street. Both offices are still in operation today and will continue to do business for many years to come.

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